Fire Hose Testers

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all fire hoses in service must be tested, to their service test pressure, at least once a year? It’s important that all fire hose, in use at municipal fire departments as well as in industrial locations, be tested at least annually. Yes, this does require more time and effort on the part of staff, which is why it is so important to purchase and use a fire hose tester for conducting these annual tests.

The advantages of using a Wheeler-Rex fire hose tester include better mobility, reduced wear on your fire fighting apparatus pump and motor, cost savings and equipment availability. Our fire hose test pumps are designed to quickly and safely test large quantities of hose to NFPA standards and are ideal for fire engineers, facility inspectors and managers, testing laboratories and fire departments.

During an annual service test on fire hose, the proper test pressure should be maintained for a period of three to five minutes, and repaired or recoupled fire hose should be retested to the service test pressure. In addition, fire hose testing is recommended after extensive use.

Wheeler-Rex fire hose testers are cage mounted on swivel casters for mobility, are available in two hose and four hose testers, and in electric or gas models.

The hardest working fire hose testing tools. Period.

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