Hydraulic Chain Pipe Cutters

Need to cut large-diameter cast iron, tile or concrete pipe? The answer is Wheeler-Rex hydraulic chain pipe cutters.

Just like hand-operated pipe cutters, hydraulic pipe cutters use a chain wrapped around a pipe to cut it in just seconds. The pipe is squeezed by the cutter wheels on the chain which causes the pipe to pop apart. Remotely operated hydraulic pumps provide the required power to quickly and cleanly snap any pipe project you face. All that is needed is a 2" to 3" minimum clearance to wrap cutter chain around pipe. Wheeler-Rex hydraulic chain pipe cutters come complete with pump, hose and case.

  • Cutters employ the “squeeze and pop” cutting principle
  • Absolutely the best for work in trenches or on loose pipe
  • Great for cutting cast iron and tile
  • Remote hydraulic pump for ease and safety
  • Only requires clearance of 2" to 3"
  • Cutter does NOT rotate around the pipe, chain squeezes and pops the pipe

Big jobs require the hardest working pipe tools. Period.

NOTE: Hydraulic cutter chain parts (individual pins, links and wheels) are only available with factory installation. Hydraulic cutter chain extensions are only available through authorized service stations unless installed by the factory.

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