Hot Tapping System Fluid

A completely new concept in a lubricant for drill taps and other related uses where a non-toxic food grade lubricant is required. Slik-tap is easy to apply, yet thick enough to hang onto the cutting tool, providing the lubrication to reduce tapping effort and produce clean threads.

Combined Drill Taps

Wheeler's combined drill taps bring you premium performance at a reasonable price. Designed and manufactured to produce a quality thread and ensure a pressure tight fit. Made from high speed steel, they are tough and durable and fit all popular tapping machines.

Wheeler-Rex Drill Taps will fit all popular tapping machines including: Mueller B100 • Mueller B101 • Mueller A2 • Mueller A3 • Hays Transmate B1 • All Reed

Resharpening service only available for Wheeler-Rex CC Thread Drill Taps (not available for PVC Drill Taps).


  • 8900 1 pint of Tapping Fluid Slik-Tap - 1.5 lbs. (.68kg)
  • 8901 12 pack of 8900 Tapping Fluid Slik-Tap - 15 lbs. (6.8kg)
  • 89075 3/4" CC Thread Drill Tap - 1.1 lbs. (.49kg)
  • 89100 1" CC Thread Drill Tap - 1.3 lbs. (.58kg)
  • 86075 3/4" CC PVC Drill Tap - 1.1 lbs. (.45kg)
  • 86100 1" CC PVC Drill Tap - 1.3 lbs. (.58kg)

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