Markets We Serve - Industrial

Wheeler-Rex Serves Industrial Markets

In every processing facility and factory, you have materials that need to move from point A to point B and a piping system that moves liquids and / or gas through it. In every warehouse or distribution center, there are HVAC and sprinkler systems that keep the facility, the people in it, as well as the products moving through it or being stored in it, safe.

Manufacturing facilities. Oil and gas. Energy. Agriculture and food. Chemical processing. Medical facilities. Pharmaceutical plants. General commercial and industrial plants. Institutional facilities. They all work hard and depend on pipes to do so. When things break down, things don’t get made, shipped, or sold.

That’s where you come in. You keep these places working. Without you, facilities sit idle, things don’t happen, and money is lost. You should wear a superhero cape instead of a tool belt. But then again, a cape is no place to store your Wheeler-Rex tools.

The efficiency of a process plant or factory depends on pipes. So, there is an ever-present need to maintain, fix and upgrade the pipes used in industrial facilities. These pipes can be made of steel, cast iron, copper or plastic, depending on the environment and materials being transported.

No problem, because Wheeler-Rex makes the hardest working pipe tools for every type of pipe.