Hole Cutter System

When you need to cut holes from 4"–12" into clay tile, ductile and cast iron, plastic and reinforced concrete pipes, you need the Wheeler-Rex Hole Cutter System.

Our Hole Cutter System is modular in design, which allows a single operator to set up and perform non-pressure taps safely and quickly. The basic system can be used on pipes from 6" to 20" OD. The capacity can be extended by simply adding chain to the hold-down mechanism.

Set-up normally takes 5 –10 minutes and actual cutting time is 5 –10 minutes, depending on pipe material and wall thickness.

The Wheeler-Rex Hole Cutter System is available with a variety of power sources including 2-cycle gasoline engine, pneumatic motor, electric motor and hydraulic motor.

The hardest working pipe tools. Period.

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