Wheeler Rex hydrostatic test pumps are the only pumps we use for testing and have done so for 21 years. We get them with the Honda engines and are one pull starts all of the time in any weather. We do a lot of high concentration disinfection for long runs of large diameter pipe and I can say that I have had our pumps continuously pumping for over 23 hours. Never a problem. We own four of them and still use the one we purchased in 1995.”

Donna D'Amore and Ed Hannigan - South Shore Pipeline Services, Inc.
South Shore Pipeline Services, Inc.

Besides great features, the ruggedness and service life of Wheeler-Rex threading machines is outstanding. Company-wide we probably operate over 200 or more machines. We’ve tried all major brands… but without question, Wheeler-Rex Model 6794 threaders are definitely the best for a host of reasons. Our distributors can’t afford to have a threader that won’t stand up the work load.”

Bill Sendtko, Fabrication Trainer - Crane Resistoflex Corp.
Crane Resistoflex Corp.

Employees from our many locations compliment the ease of use of Wheeler-Rex Pipe Threading machines due to their ease of set up and lightweight design. Not only is the price point competitive, but Wheeler-Rex Pipe Threading machines are easier to handle than Ridgid. As a plumbing and heating supply company, we are completely satisfied with Wheeler-Rex.”

Aaron Colaluca, President - Smithfield Supply
Smithfield Supply